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    Dentistry - Pediatric

    Pediatric dentistry is one of the key specialisms at our clinic.

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    The first visit to a dentist is an important day in a child’s life. Depending on how the first visit goes, either the dentist will become the child’s best friend, or the child will suffer traumatic experience with possibly life-long consequences. Therefore ideally the first visit should be of prophylactic nature.

    Prophylactic treatment

    Fissure sealing is one of efficient methods of decay prevention.
    This procedure consists in covering biting surfaces of back teeth with special composite sealants, which prevent decay. These teeth have numerous grooves and fissures, which assist in chewing. However, even thorough cleaning cannot remove food remnants from these fissures. Sealants create a protective coating or barrier, which prevents bacteria and food remnants from contaminating tooth surface. Studies have shown that this coating decreases the rate of decay of the most vulnerable teeth. Fissure sealing is absolutely painless and can be performed within one visit.

    Some parents wonder why primary teeth should be treated if they will eventually fall out anyway. Unfortunately this opinion is shared even by some ‘specialists’.
    However, if not treated, a primary tooth becomes a source of chronic infection that almost certainly will damage the permanent tooth. This source of infection is dangerous for the whole body as well, because it carries the risk of toxic effects causing disease.

    Our dentists use modern anesthetics in order to make dental treatment completely painless. Additional topical anesthesia (using anesthetic jellies) makes even the injection itself unnoticeable.
    At our clinic we can treat patients from the age of 3, and we find a way to approach every little patient and to solve their problem.

    However, there is more to pediatric dentistry, than just treatment of baby teeth. It is not at all uncommon to see decay in children’s permanent teeth. In these cases we utilized the whole range of adult dental techniques, including dental restoration using composite material and dam placement.

    Orthodontics plays a special role in pediatric dentistry, because it is best to correct the bite in childhood. Also, prophylactic measures to prevent bite abnormalities are possible in childhood.
    Removable devices are used to correct bite in children much more often than in adults.
    A removable device is a plastic plate for the lower or upper jaw. The custom-made plate is manufactured using an impression. It is kept in place with special hooks. Typically the plates are worn overnight, but some patients keep them on at daytime (except when brushing teeth). Removable devices are equipped with springs and hooks for bite correction.
    A screw is placed between the two halves of the plate, if jaw dilation is required.

    Correct your child’s bite in the early age, when it is still easy to do. Remember, your child completely depends on you in caring about their health. Later your child will be grateful to you for this care.

    We know how to care for your children!

    Kryzhanivska Mariia
    Dental care
    Kryzhanivska Mariia
    - дитячий стоматолог
    Титюк Мирослава Ярославівна
    Myroslava Tytyuk
    Dental care
    Титюк Мирослава Ярославівна
    Myroslava Tytyuk
    - Dentist

    Specialisms: conservative dentistry, pediatric dentistry, dental orthopedics

    2008 – graduation from Lviv National Danylo Halytsky Medical University, Dental Faculty.
    2008-2010 – residency at Lviv Regional Dental Clinic
    2010-2015 – dentist at Doctor Hotsko Modern Dental Clinic, Horodok
    2011 – specialty training in conservative dentistry at Lviv National Danylo Halytsky Medical University
    2011-2013 – dentist at Dental Clinic, Lviv
    2014 – specialty training in dental orthopedics at Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University.
    2014 – dentist at Oculus Medical Center

    Scientific and practical seminars:
    2008 – Prediction of Success in Frontal Esthetic Restoration
    2008 – Esthetic Frontal Restauration and Key Stages of Direct and Indirect Lateral Restoration
    2008 – X-ray Imaging in Out-Patient Dental Practice
    2008 – Clinical Aspects of Local Anesthesia in Dentistry
    2010 – ABC’s of Manual Scaling
    2010 – Endodontics according to the Book. 2. Broken Instruments. Microaccess.
    2010 – Fellowship in professional hygiene
    2011 – Practical Endodontics
    2011 – Simple Solutions for Complex Canals
    2011 – Holistic Approach to Treatment and Recovery in Dentistry
    2011 – Endodontics according to the Book. 3. The Art of Instrumentation
    2012 – Advances in Adhesive Dentistry
    2012 – Revisional Endodontic Treatment. Conservative and Surgical Approaches
    2012 – Endodontic Treatment using Modern Nickel-Titanium Rotational Instruments ProTaper Universal
    2013 – License-Based Medical Practice in 2013
    2014 – Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols for the Most Common Oral Mucosa Disorders
    2015 – Direct and Indirect Restoration of Frontal Teeth. Composite and Ceramics. Styleltaliano and MicroVision Philosophy

    Maryana Mazur
    Dental care
    Maryana Mazur
    - Dentist

    Specialism: general dentistry

    Graduate of Lviv National Danylo Halytsky Medical University in 2013 in Dentistry.

    2011 – Fellowship in Vienna, Austria, with Dr. Lemberg.
    2013-2015 – Residency in Lutsk Central District Hospital.

    Courses and workshops:
    1. Emergency Care Round Table
    2. Philosophy of Implantology. Pros and cons. Introductory Course.
    3. Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols for the Most Common Oral Mucosa Disorders
    4. Restoration of Destroyed Frontal Teeth.
    5. Conservative Treatment in Pediatric Dentistry
    6. Hygiene as an Integral Part of Modern Dental Practice

    Khrystyna Krukenytska
    Dental care
    Khrystyna Krukenytska
    Trust earned by work!