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Dentistry - Conservative dentistry

Our dentists provide the full spectrum of services in oral cavity care. Common knowledge of oral diseases is limited to just decay. However, there is much more, including diseases of  teeth, periosteum, jaws, soft tissues and mucous membrane.

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Decay is a disease affecting the hard tissues of a tooth and causing their destruction with formation of a cavity. Initially the condition often has no symptoms, and therefore goes unnoticed. First signs of decay may include hardly noticeable dark or light spots on teeth, as well as pain to sweet or sour foods. As the disease develops, the tooth becomes sensitive to cold or hot food.

– Painless anesthesia of tooth
– Preparation of decay cavity using advanced tools
to quickly and completely remove the damaged tissue while caring for the health tissue
– Application of dam – a latex sheet, which isolates one or more teeth from saliva and keeps dental materials away from the oral cavity, the current standard of care
– Preparation of cavity for filling, application of adhesive system, which binds tooth tissues with the filling material; advanced filling materials, which exactly reproduces the color of the tooth, as well as its anatomy and function.

If not treated promptly, decay leads to complications, such as pulpitis and periodontitis, which require root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is the most frequent dental procedure. Endodontic treatment is a complex, responsible and multi-stage process, which determines the durability of a natural tooth. The stages are anesthesia, pulp removal, thorough treatment and canal filling.

Sadly, often patients present with biting pain, sensitivity to cold, ‘grown tooth’ sensation, unpleasant odor and other symptoms resulting from poorly performed previous root treatment. However, there may be no need to remove the affected tooth. At our clinic we utilize a range of cutting edge medications and techniques, including stereo-microscopes, which help us cure the seemingly hopeless teeth.

We perform root canal treatment using the unique and revolutionary EndoPilot device, which is fully equipped to process and dilate the root canal, determine its length, as well as for 3D obturation of canal by vertical gutta percha condensation.

Kryzhanivska Mariia
Dental care
Kryzhanivska Mariia
- дитячий стоматолог
Denysiuk Roman
Dental care
Denysiuk Roman
- Стоматолог-ортопед
Титюк Мирослава Ярославівна
Myroslava Tytyuk
Dental care
Титюк Мирослава Ярославівна
Myroslava Tytyuk
- Dentist

Specialisms: conservative dentistry, pediatric dentistry, dental orthopedics

2008 – graduation from Lviv National Danylo Halytsky Medical University, Dental Faculty.
2008-2010 – residency at Lviv Regional Dental Clinic
2010-2015 – dentist at Doctor Hotsko Modern Dental Clinic, Horodok
2011 – specialty training in conservative dentistry at Lviv National Danylo Halytsky Medical University
2011-2013 – dentist at Dental Clinic, Lviv
2014 – specialty training in dental orthopedics at Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University.
2014 – dentist at Oculus Medical Center

Scientific and practical seminars:
2008 – Prediction of Success in Frontal Esthetic Restoration
2008 – Esthetic Frontal Restauration and Key Stages of Direct and Indirect Lateral Restoration
2008 – X-ray Imaging in Out-Patient Dental Practice
2008 – Clinical Aspects of Local Anesthesia in Dentistry
2010 – ABC’s of Manual Scaling
2010 – Endodontics according to the Book. 2. Broken Instruments. Microaccess.
2010 – Fellowship in professional hygiene
2011 – Practical Endodontics
2011 – Simple Solutions for Complex Canals
2011 – Holistic Approach to Treatment and Recovery in Dentistry
2011 – Endodontics according to the Book. 3. The Art of Instrumentation
2012 – Advances in Adhesive Dentistry
2012 – Revisional Endodontic Treatment. Conservative and Surgical Approaches
2012 – Endodontic Treatment using Modern Nickel-Titanium Rotational Instruments ProTaper Universal
2013 – License-Based Medical Practice in 2013
2014 – Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols for the Most Common Oral Mucosa Disorders
2015 – Direct and Indirect Restoration of Frontal Teeth. Composite and Ceramics. Styleltaliano and MicroVision Philosophy

Maryana Mazur
Dental care
Maryana Mazur
- Dentist

Specialism: general dentistry

Graduate of Lviv National Danylo Halytsky Medical University in 2013 in Dentistry.

2011 – Fellowship in Vienna, Austria, with Dr. Lemberg.
2013-2015 – Residency in Lutsk Central District Hospital.

Courses and workshops:
1. Emergency Care Round Table
2. Philosophy of Implantology. Pros and cons. Introductory Course.
3. Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols for the Most Common Oral Mucosa Disorders
4. Restoration of Destroyed Frontal Teeth.
5. Conservative Treatment in Pediatric Dentistry
6. Hygiene as an Integral Part of Modern Dental Practice

Liubov Hotsko
Dental care
Liubov Hotsko
Khrystyna Krukenytska
Dental care
Khrystyna Krukenytska
terap stomat
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