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    Urology is a clinical medical specialty related to disorders of the urinary system and the male reproductive system. Prophylactic urological exam is advisable at least annually to healthy individuals and twice per year if any problems with genito-urinary system are present.

    Our center offers specialized out-patient urological care. Our qualified urologist will provide affordable consultations on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of genito-urinary diseases. Examination and ultrasound scanning is performed if required. The following diagnostic procedures are available: needle biopsy, cystoscopy, material sampling (urethral swab, prostatic juice sampling), per rectum exam, etc.

    Treatment for the following conditions is provided:

    • Inflammatory diseases of genito-urinary system (cystitis, prostatitis, pyelonephritis, orchitis, urethritis)
    • Male reproductive system disorders (erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, phimosis, short frenulum, varicocele, etc.)
    • Urolithiasis (stones in the kidneys, urethers, bladder)
    • Age-associated diseases of men (prostatic adenoma, benign hyperplasia, bladder hypotonia)
    • Other diseases: stress-related urinary incontinence, strictures (narrowing) of urethra, neurogenic bladder, hydrocele.

    Detailed information on the diseases is provided under Papers link at the bottom of the page

    If needed, out-patient procedures are carried out at our center. If a more invasive procedure are needed, the patient is referred to a specialized in-patient institution after thorough out-patient assessment as required according to the type of care needed and the patient’s wishes.

    Information about the necessary assessment and treatment procedures is provided in patient-friendly form. With preliminary appointment you will not need to wait in queue. After the visit each patient receives the consultation report with recommendations.

    Package proposals: 

    • Free examination for men after 40 as part of the Male Genital Cancer Prevention project (Sept. 15-19, annually).
    • 40% discount for WWII veterans and Anti-Terrorism operation participants
    • Free follow-up exam after procedures (frenuloplasty, condyloma coagulation)
    • 40% discount for second consultation.
    • 10% discount for patients referred by other specialists at Oculus Medical Center

    Take care of your own health!


    Повх Маркіян Юрійович
    Markiyan Povkh
    Повх Маркіян Юрійович
    Markiyan Povkh
    - urologist, surgeon-urologist

    Specialisms: endoscopy (laparoscopy, transurethral surgery).

    Graduate of Lviv National Danylo Halytsky Medical University.
    2004-2006 – residency in urology at Urology Department of Lviv National Danylo Halytskiy Medical University.
    2006-2008 – Clinical ordinatorship in urology at Urology Department of Lviv National Danylo Halytskiy Medical University.
    – Specialty training in healthcare management
    – Statistician at Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital
    2008 – Urologist at Peremyshlyany Central District Hospital (6 months)
    2008 till present
    – Urologist at Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital Urology Department
    – Statistician at Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital
    – Administrator of the official web-page of Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital (www.hospital.lviv.ua)

    Since the beginning of practical career:
    – Over 800 patients treated, including 620 patients operated. Proficient at endoscopy (cystoscopy, uretheroscopy, transurethral procedures, biopsies, minor urology, etc.)
    – Trained in advanced minimally-invasive urological techniques, laparoscopic techniques (at courses), diagnosis and treatment of urolithiasis, urogenital inflammatory diseases, urinary incontinence in women.
    – Fellowship in laparoscopy in urology (Kielce Regional Oncology Center, Poland).
    – Participant of national and international medical conferences (Meeting of the Association of Urologists of Ukraine, Ukrainian-Polish symposia, conferences on innovations in medicine)
    – Management of the local computer network of the Urology Department using dedicated software; involved in the implementation of modern IT in practical medicine.

    Trust earned by work!