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    Heart disorders are complex and life-threatening, therefore we all realize the importance of timely care and attention to the heart.

    Advanced cardiology at Oculus medical center will uncover the real causes of cardio-vascular disorders and identify acceptable and optimal approaches to treatment. In most cases consultation with cardiologist is necessary not only in case of chest pain, but also for heart rhythm disruptions. Even common dyspnea, dizziness or fainting may indicate serious heart defects.

    Cardio-vascular disorders may be indicated by slightest heart rhythm disorders, leg edema, dyspnea, elevated blood pressure, frequent dizziness, fainting, exercise intolerance.

    Immediate consultation with cardiologist is required if the following symptoms appear:

    • chest pain and discomfort;
    • dyspnea when walking;
    • disruption or excessive acceleration of heart rhythm, especially during exercise;
    • blood pressure over 130/80 mmHg
    • dyspnea at rest;
    • leg edema;
    • headache and dizziness.

    Follow-up is also required if a heart disorder is suspected, and after cardiac surgery.

    Treatment of cardio-vascular diseases includes a number of aspects, from correct and timely diagnosis to the treatment itself. Each of these requires thorough assessment, and the timing is individual.

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