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    Ultrasound imaging

    Ultrasound imaging is broadly used for diagnosis of internal disease. Ultrasound scanning is based on the fact that high quality ultrasound spreads linearly in human tissues and reflects at boundaries between environments of different acoustic density.

    Ultrasound imaging services:

    • Abdominal cavity, kidneys, bladder
    • Thyroid
    • Pelvic organs (uterus and ovaries)
    • Mammary glands
    • Maxillo-facial area (salivary glands and lymphatic nodes)
    • Lymphatic nodes
    • Echocardiography
    • Joints


    • Female package (pelvic organs, mammary glands, thyroid)
    • Male package (kidneys, bladder, prostate)
    • Male package and abdominal cavity
    • Female package and abdominal cavity

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    Mykhaylo Danylyuk
    Ultrasound imaging
    Mykhaylo Danylyuk
    - radiologist

    Specialisms: Ultrasonography of abdomen, gynecology, urology, thyroid, mammary glands, joints, soft tissues, lymphatic nodes.

    2011 – graduation from Lviv National Danylo Halytsky Medical University.
    2011 through 2013 – residency in radiology at Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital.
    2013 – X-ray Imaging and Ultrasound imaging courses at Radiology Department of Lviv National Danylo Halytsky Medical University.

    Maryan Faynyk
    Ultrasound imaging
    Maryan Faynyk
    - functional diagnosis physician (echocardiography)

    Graduate of Lviv National Danylo Halytsky Medical University.
    2012 to 2014 – Internship at Lviv Regional Clinical Pediatric Hospital.

    2012-2015 – Fellowship in echocardiography at Simex-Sono Ultrasonography Diagnostic and Training Center under guidance of Professor Yuriy Ivaniv.

    (User of the following ultrasound scanners: Acuson Aspen , Imagic Agile. , Toshiba Xario, Acuson sequoia, Philips HD7, Mindray DC-T6).

    2010 – practical ultrasonography training in Georges Pompidou Hospital, Paris, France.

    2011 – fellowship at Scientific and Practical Medical Center for Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kyyiv.

    Nov. 20-30, 2012 – presentation titled ‘Reforming Healthcare: Construct the Future Together’, London, UK.

    March 2012 – participation in seminar organized by the International Medical Society EPSA, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium.

    June 2013 – Scientific and Medical Summer School, Timisoara, Romania.

    Aug. 31 through Sept. 04, 2013 – participation in the European Congress of Cardiologists, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    Aug. 30 through Sept. 03, 2014 – participation in the European Congress of Cardiologists, Barcelona, Spain.

    Oct. 16-17, 2017 – International Rare Heart Disease Conference, Krakow.

    2014 – Continued education course in functional diagnosis at P.L.Shupyk National Postgraduate Education Academy, Kyiv. License of functional diagnosis physician issued.

    Since 2004 – pediatrician at Busk Central District Hospital.
    Since January 2015 – functional diagnosis physician (echocardiography) at Lviv Regional Specialized Clinic for Radiation Protection, Lviv, Vul. Morozna, 31a.

    Oct. 01 through Oct. 30, 2015р – continued education course in functional diagnosis at P.L. Shupyk National Postgraduate Education Academy, Kyiv: What is new in diagnosis of cardiovascular pathology in children?

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