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Psychotherapy is one of the most important branches of psychology, dealing with forms and mechanisms of positive influence on human consciousness based on the principles of deep psychology.

Lack of self-confidence, feeling of guilt and helplessness, irritation, inability to make decisions and to concentrate, impaired appetite, loss of interest for favorite occupations, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, change of weight – most people do not believe that these symptoms justify seeking medical attention. However these complaints are frequently masking more that fatigue going away after rest – depression, which may significantly impair the quality of life, family relations and all aspects of life.

You may need help if you experience the following:
negative emotional states (fears and fobias, panic attacks, emotional exhaustion, depressed mood, irritability); neurosis; headache; sleep and appetite impairment; emotional tension; depression; post-traumatic stress disorders in adults and children; eating disorders; lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, feeling of powerlessness and loss of control;  relationship problems (with parent, children, opposite gender, or workmates); conflicts (in the family, personal and age-related); psychological barriers; state of undetermination, unrealization, etc.

At Oculus Medical Center we offer consultations, psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacological support for various psychological and mental discomforts, mental disorders, group and family psychotherapy, as well as assessment of emotional condition.

Sofia Sodomora
Sofia Sodomora
- psychotherapist

Psychotherapist at Lviv Municipal Clinical Emergency Care Hospital since 2003. Guest lecturer at Theology Department of Ukrainian Catholic University.

2000 – graduation from Lviv National Danylo Halytsky Medical University
2000-2001 – Residency in Neurology
2003 – Specialty Training in Psychotherapy at Psychiatrics and Psychotherapy Department of Lviv National Danylo Halytskiy Medical University
2004 – Completion of Ukrainian-Austrian psychoterapeutic project ‘Truskavets’ in Client-Centered Psychotherapy
2008-2009 – Basic training in trauma therapy and EMDR method at EMDR Institut Austria
2012 – Specialty training in Psychiatrics at Psychiatrics and Psychotherapy Department of Lviv National Danylo Halytskiy Medical University

Key specialisms: psychosomatic disorders, panic depressive disorders, acute stress reactions, post-traumatic stress disorders, depression secondary to infarction and stroke.

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