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    In our clinic you will receive qualified gynecological care and find answers to all questions that matter to you. Lviv’s leading experts work at our center.

    Gynecological services:

    • Consultation and gynecological examination
    • All types of tests (swabs)
    • Ultrasound imaging
    • Colposcopy with video recording
    • Endocrine problems in gynecology (irregular cycle, lack of menstruation)
    • Miscarriage treatment
    • Advanced natural treatment for infertility
    • Irregular menstrual cycle treatment
    • Management of endocrine problems affecting woman’s reproductive health
    • Follow-up on abnormal pregnancy and following artificial insemination
    • Psychological support
    • Other services

    Our patients also seek medical care for the following problems: uterine cervix problems; benign lesions of the uterus and ovaries (fibromyoma, ovarian cysts); infection treatment; non-surgical treatment for erosions; menstrual cycle abnormalities treatment; endometriosis; pathological uterine bleeding; inflammatory conditions; menstrual function abnormalities; genital prolapse, etc.

    Healthy Mother program

    Pregnancy is a time of questions and concerns. We are willing to be with you during this time, so with our follow-up service you can direct all your questions to the dedicated doctor at any time.

    Your personal follow-up includes

    • Office visits throughout the pregnancy at convenient time
    • Consultation with obstetrician, focused on hygiene, vitamin intake, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, psychological readiness of the future mother for delivery
    • Consultation and treatment is needed
    • Assistance in choosing the maternity hospital in Ukraine or in Poland
    • Individual preparation for delivery in partnership with the child’s father
    • Availability of the doctor at any time
    • Your doctor will support you throughout the pregnancy!

    Please note that this program is not a replacement for official pregnancy registration.

    Gynecology package 1 (Dr. M.V.Tomych):

    1. Consultation with gynecologist
    2. Cytologic smear
    3. Ultrasound imaging of pelvic organs
    4. Ultrasound imaging of mammary glands
    5. Ultrasound imaging of thyroid

    We are happy to provide qualified and quality medical care.


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    Pelik Andrij
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