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    Endocrine system is exceptionally important for all processes in the human body. Our physical and emotional state is directly related to the endocrine system, which determines growth, development and metabolism of the body. Hormones are active substances, which regulate activities of all the organs and systems.

    Diabetes and diseases of the thyroid related to iodine deficiency present a major healthcare challenge. Endocrine disorders are among the leading causes of morbidity.

    Experienced endocrinologists at Oculus Medical Center offer expert consultations and services. Our advanced equipment and state of the art laboratory facilities enable our highly trained endocrinologists to diagnose various forms of endocrine diseases and metabolic disorders.

    Key specialisms of the endocrinology clinic:

    • Diagnosis, treatment and secondary prophylactic measures for diabetes mellitus
    • Customized diabetes treatment program
    • Pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment for diabetes mellitus
    • Treatment of complicated diabetes mellitus
    • Training in self-control for diabetic patients (insulin administration technique, glucose level measurement, filling in the diary), both in groups and individually
    • Obesity treatment planning
    • Diagnosis and treatment of thyroid and parathyroid diseases
    • Diagnosis and treatment of male and female endocrine infertility
    • Identification of other endocrine and metabolic disorders.

    Package proposals:

    1. Consultation with endocrinologist and blood glucose measurement – just for 150 UAH.
    2. Measurement of mean hemoglobin-linked glucose level over the last 3 months (glycosylated hemoglobin) and consultation with endocrinologist – 250 UAH.

    Do not delay your visit to endocrinologist. I you are not sure your endocrine system is in order, we will be happy to provide our consultation and help you find the correct solution in terms of treatment or keeping good health.

    Герасименко Вікторія Володимирівна
    Victoria Herasymenko
    Герасименко Вікторія Володимирівна
    Victoria Herasymenko
    - endocrinologist of higher qualification category

    Total work experience – 19 years, including 15 years in the current specialty.

    Graduation from Lviv State Medical Institute in 1993. 1995 through 1997 – residency in internal medicine at Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital.

    1997-1999 – primary care physician at 6th Communal Municipal Hospital. Since November 1999 – endocrinologist at the 6th Communal Municipal Clinic of Lviv.
    In 2000 – specialty training in endocrinology in Kyyiv Medical Academy for Postgraduate Education
    Since 2000 – member of Ukrainian Diabetic Association.
    Since 2002 – member of Ukrainian Society of Physicians in Lviv.
    Since 2007 – leading endocrinologist of the Healthcare Department.
    Since 2012 – part time job as endocrinologist at Lviv Regional Center for Reproductive Health.

    Last courses, conferences (workshops):
    IV Ukrainian Training Course on Diabetes Mellitus, 19-21 April, 2012, Kyyiv
    Scientific and Practical Conference on Advanced Technology in Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of the Most Common Endocrine Disorders, 25-26 October, 2012, Lviv
    Diabetes Mellitus School, 6 December 2012, Lviv
    International Conference on Hot Topics in Clinical Thyreology, 25 June 2013, Kyyiv.

    Trust earned by work!