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Assessment and treatment proceduresPrice, UAHFollow-up examination discount
For 1 eyeFor 2 eyesFor 1 eyeFor 2 eyes
Baseline examination and consultation with ophthalmologist (visual acuity testing, corrected visual acuity testing, refractometry, fundus examination, microscopic examination of anterior chamber and the fundus,  tonometry)320290
Tonometry and correction of anti-hypertensive medications10090
Auto kerato-refractometry7060
Gonioscopy, peripheral fundus examination
(using Goldmann and Mainster lenses)
Glaucoma program1,3001,600
Biometry (IOL MASTER)190330170280
IOL power calculation:

  1. monofocal
  1. multifocal, toric
Ultrasound imaging190330170280
Computer perimetry (glaucoma testing)
(visual field testing)
Computer perimetry(neurological testing)220400180330
for glaucoma (+gonioscopy of the anterior chamber angle)+ 70+ 60
Optical coherent tomography of the optic nerve330490290440
Fluorescent angiography:

  1. With fluorescein injection
  1. Eye fundus photography
  1. Autofluorescence
Optical coherent tomography of the retina420680380630
Corneal topography360600330550
Consultation with Candidate of Medical Science440390
Consultation with Professor500450

Note: 10% discount is reserved for disabled individuals (groups I and II), war-disabled, Ukrainian Rebellion Army veterans, healthcare professionals

Laser procedures

Laser proceduresPrice, UAHRevisional procedure
Laser coagulation of macular region850750
Panretinal laser coagulation1,100950
Peripheral retinal photocoagulation1,3501,100
Laser trabeculoplasty1,100950
Transscleral laser cyclophotocoagulation1,3001,100
Laser iridotomy1,900
Laser capsulotomy2,100

Cataract surgery. Other types of surgery

Type of surgeryPrice, UAH
Cataract phacoemulsification  depending on the IOL type:
Flexible IOL US Optics (Ukraine)9,100
Flexible IOL Aspro Lens (India)9,600
Flexible lens Acrysof Monoblok (USA)11,350
Flexible lens Acrysof Natural IQ (USA)12,950
Flexible toric lens (USA)   Т2








Bifocal flexible lens   Acrysof Natural ReStor (USA)23,100
Trifocal flexible lens  PanOptix (USA)26,100
Flexible toric bifocal lensART  T2


ART  T4-T6




Flexible toric trifocal lens PanOptix  T2

PanOptix T3

PanOptix T4-T6




Extracapsular cataract extraction6,340
Cataract phacoemulsification without IOL7,900
Anterior vitrectomy7,790
Anterior vitrectomy with iridoplasty8,580
Cataract phacoemulsification combined with glaucoma surgery+ 1,350

Glaucoma surgery

Sinus trabeculectomy with basal iridectomy4,140
Implantation of shunt EX-PRESS

+ with metabolites



Other types of anterior chamber surgery

Surgery for dacryocystitis (dacryocystorhinostomy)4,300
Strabismus surgeryOn one muscle

On two muscles

On three muscles




Pterygium removal surgery1,500
Chalazion removal surgery1,200
Ptosis correction surgery3,400

Vitreo-retinal surgery

Surgery for macular hole15,710
Epiretinal membrane removal15,710
Diabetic retinopathy16,690
Surgery for retinal detachment with gas tamponade18,210
Surgery for retinal detachment with silicone tamponade20,060
Removal of subluxated lens or phacofragmentation of nucleus fragments luxated into the vitreous body 17,910
+ US Optics (Ukraine)25,590
+ Acrysof Monoblok27,640
+ Acrysof Natural IQ29,040
Lens suturing5,600
Silicone removal5,600
Revision of vitreoretinal cavity5,600
+ gas tamponade1,050
+ silicone tamponade2,900
+ IOL implantation+ US Optics (Ukraine)

+ Acrysof Monoblok

Acrysof Natural IQ




+ lens suturing3,120
+ internal limiting membrane removal800
+ laser endocoagulation1,000


Intraocular injection500
Intraocular corticosteroid injection (triamcynolone)850
AMD treatment and follow-up program1,910
Preoperative intraocular injection1,410
Intraocular injection of Eylea5,200

Laser correction of vision

Type of surgeryPrice per eye, UAH
Standard aspherical program LASEK Wavefront-optimized8,500
Standard aspherical program LASIK Wavefront-optimized < 2 diopters

 2 to 6 diopters

 > 6 diopters




Customized aspherical program LASIK Custom Q < 2 diopters

 2 to 6 diopters

 > 6 diopters




Prices apply in case of simultaneous bilateral surgery. If only one eye is operated, surcharge of 1000 UAH applies.

AssessmentPrice, UAH
Comprehensive assessment prior to laser correction of vision
(keratoplasty, biometry, pupillometry, preoperative examination)


ProcedurePrice, UAH
Consultation with cardiologist300
Consultation with Professor Yu.H.Kyyak500
Electrocardiography (ECG) with interpretation100
24-hour electrocardiography monitoring (Holter ECG)350
Package offer: consultation with cardiologist, electrocardiography, echocardiography500
ProcedurePrice, UAH
Consultation with orthopedist300 (initial)

150 (follow-up)

Intraarticular injection of hyaluronic acid:
Knee joint350
Shoulder joint350
Other joints (radio-carpal, wrist and foot joints)350
Hip joint350
 Joint and articular bursa puncture (blockage):  (cost of medication not included)
Blockage of a large joint (knee, shoulder, elbow)350
Blockage for tendovaginitis, ligamentitis, carpal canal syndrome300
Other joints (radio-carpal, wrist and foot joints)350
Hip joint blockage350
 Diagnostic puncture:
Diagnostic puncture  of a large joint (knee, shoulder, elbow)200
Diagnostic puncture of cysts and hematomas300
Needle biopsy of soft tissues and superficial lesions300
Diagnostic puncture  of a small joint and articular bursa300
Needle biopsy of bone1,200
PRP-therapy (platelet-rich autologous plasma injection)5,200 (per procedure)
Massage and physical therapy

Massage in selected procedures

Type of massageMassage treatmentDuration,
Price, UAH
CosmeticFace massage15-20120
Head massage15-20150
Chest massage30150
Lower back massage15-20150
Collar area massage25150
Neck and chest massage25-30170
Abdomen massage15-20180
Arm massage30200
Back massage30250
Leg massage40300
Pediatric massage
*Home outreach available
General massage for infants25150-200
GeneralAll body massage60-90550-600

Massage procedures

ConditionMassage areaDuration, min.Price, UAH
Digestive disordersMassage of abdomen and breathing exercises30-40250
Joint disordersMassage and exercises for the affected joint30-45250
Joint injuries and dislocationsMassage of the affected joint and the adjacent area30-45250
Limb fractures (leg, arm)Massage and recovery exercises for injured limb60-120300
Arterial hypertensionMassage of the head, neck and upper thoracic vertebrae, collar area, abdomen30-40250
Procedures for children with impaired visionCombined session:
collar area massage + eye exercises + exercises
Facial neuritisMassage of collar area, head, neck, exercises for mimic muscles, application of immobilizing mask60300
Bronchitis and pneumoniaMassage of back, collar area, sides of the chest, draining exercises45250
OsteochondrosisMassage of the spine and customized exercises50-60350
*Home outreach available
Massage and recovery exercises for injured limbs60-80300



Customized sessions and techniques

Procedures on Yevminov’s board – 80 UAH
Customized exercises – 100 UAH

ProcedurePrice, UAH
Examination and consultation with specialist physician180
Ultrasonography of genito-urinary system160
Prostatic massage (1 procedure)100
Sampling (smear, prostatic fluid)60
Removal of condyloma acuminata (with histological analysis)1280

Dr. M.V.Tomych


Price, UAH

Comprehensive examination and consultation with specialist physician


Follow-up consultation


Smear and culture


Cytologic smear


Gynecology package:
– Gynecology consultation
– Cytologic smear
– Ultrasonography of lesser pelvis
– Ultrasonography of mammary glands
– Ultrasonography of thyroid


Ultrasound imaging
ProcedurePrice, UAH
Maxillo-facial area (salivary glands + lymphatic nodes)250
Lymphatic nodes250
Abdominal cavity + kidneys + bladder350
Lesser pelvis (uterus + ovaries)300
Mammary glands250
Female package (lesser pelvis + mammary glands + thyroid)800
Male package (kidneys + bladder + prostate + scrotum)600
One joint250
Paired joints400
Dental care

Conservative dentistry

ProcedurePrice, UAH
Initial consultation (examination, treatment planning, documentation)200
Follow-up examination50
Follow-up examination for regular clients, every 6 months0.01
Removal of old filling20-50
Dam liquid30
Tooth polishing (during prophylactic exam)20
Topical anesthetic20
Infiltration anesthetic and nerve blocks+ additional carpule of anesthetic8040
Dental dam80
Hemostatic application30
Targeted X-ray (digital)70
Silicone cast50-150
Glass-ionomere sealant200-300
Fill-up material for deep caries– 1 dose

– 2 doses

– 3-5 doses




Emergency care for pulpitis250
Primary Endo package, 3 images (3×65)195
Follow-up Endo (5х65)315
Pulp chamber coating (Pro root)400

Dental restoration (pricing group I)

Dental restoration limited to one surface (chewing, buccal, or lingual, except contact surface) using photo-cured composites480
Dental restoration limited to two surfaces600
Dental restoration limited to three surfaces750
Dental restoration on four surfaces800

Dental restoration (pricing group II, frontal teeth)

Dental restoration limited to one surface (chewing, buccal, or lingual, except contact surface) using photo-cured composites500
Dental restoration limited to two surfaces650
Dental restoration limited to three surfaces750
Dental restoration on four surfaces950
Artistic dental restoration (shape and color change)950-1100
Dental restoration for crown placement
frontal tooth (1-3), premolars and molars (4-8)


Fiber-glass dental post placement (1 post)350
Photo-polymer filling correction250-450
Temporary reconstruction of crown part of a tooth150
Superficial caries treatment400

Endodontic treatment (root canal treatment)

Instrumental and pharmaceutical treatment of one root canal in manual or mechanical mode200
Root canal obturation with warm gutta percha200
Single-canal tooth treatment750
Two-canal tooth treatment850
Three-canal tooth treatment1200
Four-canal tooth treatment1500
Additional K-file, per piece30
Disposable endodontic appliances (syringe, endo-needle)150
Disposable endodontic appliances (endo-needles)50

Endodontic treatment of highly oblique teeth and root canal obliteration, 1.2 coefficient applies

Temporary cement filling (Adhesor)50
Temporary filling (dentin)40
Temporary composite filling70
Hemostasis in the root canal50
Temporary single-root tooth canal filling150
Temporary multiple-root tooth canal filling300
Removal of root canal filling300-500
Removal of metal anchor post from a root canal350
Removal of fiber-glass post500-800
Apex-fixation using PROROOT MTA400

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Examination, consultation100
Consultation with pediatric dentist (30 minutes, adaptation of the child)100
Deep fluoridation of teeth (per tooth)30
Tooth cavity opening, antiseptic treatment100
Temporary dressing (calcium-containing)100
Temporary dressing (devitalizing)250
Glass-ionomere filling for a primary tooth– 1 surface

– 2 surfaces

– 3 or more surfaces




Glass-ionomere filling for a primary tooth:– 1 surface

– 2 surfaces

– 3 or more surfaces




Removal of soft dental plaque  (primary dentition)120
Removal of soft dental plaque  (mixed dentition)250
Removal of dental deposits in children under 15 years (air-abrasive technique)400
Extraction of a single-root primary tooth100
Extraction of a multi-root primary tooth200
Extraction of a physiologically resorbed primary tooth100
Complicated extraction of a primary tooth200-350
Primary tooth canal treatment using instruments and medications145
Temporary calcium-filling of root canal (single-rooted tooth)100
Temporary calcium-filling of root canal (multi-rooted tooth)200
Endodontic treatment of single-rooted primary teeth280
Endodontic treatment of multi-rooted primary teeth350
Primary tooth fissure sealing350
Temporary filling40
Disposable endodontics set60

Prophylactic treatment

Removal of deposits around 1 tooth30
Professional hygienic treatment of teeth (air-abrasive technique) Primary treatment600
Professional hygienic treatment of teeth (ultrasound and air-abrasive technique) Primary treatment700
Professional hygienic treatment of teeth (ultrasound and air-abrasive technique, 2 stages) Primary treatment800
Repeated professional hygienic treatment of teeth Repeated500-600
Additional use of polishing mixture50
Closed curettage of 1 tooth100
Periodontal pocket washing (hydrogen peroxide, chlorohexidine)50
Periodontal pocket washing with Parosin70
Deep fluoridation of 1 tooth30
Deep fluoridation of 1 jaw (recommended frequency – every 6 months)300
Sealing of permanent tooth fissures350
Tooth sensitivity treatment50

Tooth whitening

Teeth whitening on 1 jaw (1 session, 30 minutes)750
Whitening of 1 tooth100

Orthopedic treatment

Consultation with orthopedist, treatment planning200
Alginate impression220
C-silicone impression basic250
C-silicone impression additional180
A-silicone impression300
Diagnostic dental model construction200
Removal of prefabricated plastic crown150
Removal of metal-ceramic crown200
Temporary crown cementing70
Crown cementing with glass-ionomere cement150
Cementing with composite cement220
Working impressions, model manufacture and jaw relationship determination800
Futar Occlusion bite registration100
Diagnostic wax-up (1 piece)150
Occlusive contact polishing100-500

Non-removable orthodontic devices

Metal-ceramic crown (tooth) (standard)2600
Metal-ceramic crown (tooth) (premium, individual artistic manufacture, shoulder ceramics)2800
Non-metal crown (tooth) of E-max press-ceramics5000
Non-metal crown (tooth)  on circonia cap6000
Veneers of E-max press-ceramics5500
Temporary metal-ceramic crown950
Single-rooted cast crown-root inlay550
Multi-rooted cast crown-root inlay750
Multi-rooted cast crown-root inlay, multi-piece800
Canal preparation and impression for inlay250
Temporary plastic crown, manufactured in the clinic150
Temporary crown, manufactured in the lab, CAD-CAM milling650
Temporary crown, manufactured in the lab350
Modificaton of temporary crown (with liquid composite and other materials)50
Ribbond reinforcement of one tooth400
Fiberglass reinforcement of one segment (6 teeth)900
Manufacture of adhesive bridge in the lab (metal-plastic crown + two bonds)800-1000
Additional bond250
Cast crown-root inlay made of gold (cost of material excluded)700
Repair of metal-ceramics using photopolymer on one tooth350

Removable denture

Wax bite block manufacture100
Individual impression spoon manufacture300
Permanent plate dental prosthesis with plastic basis3500
Permanent plate dental prosthesis with Swiss-made Creation mechanics7500
Plate dental prosthesis with cast basis4800
Removable (simple) clasp denture7500
Removable (complex) clasp denture8500
Removable plate denture on attachments
Additional attachments
Removable partial denture with two telescopes
Additional metal telescopes
Elective change of base for plate denture350
Elective change of base for clasp denture450


Extraction of a single-rooted tooth350
Extraction of a multi-rooted tooth450
Extraction of a multi-rooted tooth (complicated)500
Removal of the 8th upper tooth (simple)450
Removal of the 8th upper tooth (complicated)500-700
Removal of the 8th lower tooth (simple)550
Removal of the 8th lower tooth (simple)600
Atypical tooth extraction600-800
Atypical extraction of the 8th tooth1000-1500
Extraction of a retained tooth1000-1500
Extraction of anterior tooth root250
Extraction of molar or premolar root350
Application of hemostatic sponge150
Application of collagen cone250
Alveolus suturingamifil





Periocoronaritis treatment (operculum dissection)370
Alveolitis treatment370
Subperiostal/periodontal abscess dissection250
Resection of root apex with retrograde filling ProRoot MTA (without osteoplasty)3000
Cystectomy (with mucosal-osseous graft dissection)2000
Resection of excessive mucous membrane, prosthesis bed plasty (one area)450-650
Crown lengthening (single/multiple root tooth)450-650
Vestibuloplasty (1 area)600
Postoperative examination, suture removal (1 area)50
Plastic closure of oro-antral fistula1500
Upped lip frenuloplasty650

Bone augmentation

Osteoplasty of alveolus after tooth extraction using osteoplasty materials and barrier membranes
Alveolar osteoplasty after tooth extraction using osteoplasty materials and barrier membranes
Alveolar osteoplasty after tooth extraction using intraoral bone blocks
Sinus-lift augmentation (maxillary sinus elevation)
Extra bone replacement (BioOss material)
Additional membrane (BioGide material)
Alveolar process splitting


Bruxism kappa 1800-2000

Consultation with orthodontist (including instrument kit)200
Follow-up examination in the course of treatment100-150
Instrument kit use50
Diagnostic dental model construction200
Dental diagnostics (orthopantomography, photograph and dental model analysis), recommendations300
Dental diagnostics (orthopantomography, tele-X-ray, photograph and dental model analysis), recommendations400
Dental brace system, one jaw, metal
Dental brace system, one jaw, ceramic
Self-ligating dental brace system, one jaw, metalSelf-ligating dental brace system, one jaw,  ceramic
Quick dilation device Hirex3850
Plates with elements (screws, bite plate, oblique plate)2000-4000
Retaining kappa600
Ring fixation onto a molar tooth175
Separation ring fixation30
Activation/correction of an orthodontic device50-150
ProcedurePrice, UAH
Examination and consultation by specialist physician, assessment planning, treatment prescription, recommendations on prophylaxis250
Comprehensive examination (with additional diagnostic procedures)400
Local anesthesia100-150
Intravenous anesthesia150-200
Other out-patient procedures (depending on the scope and complexity)200 – 800

Discount 10% applied to the following patients:

– Healthcare providers, education workers

– Students,  pregnant ladies, mothers of children up to 3 years old, veterans of Ukrainian Nationalist Organization and Ukrainian Rebellion Army, repression victims, retired, patients with stoma

ProcedurePrice, UAH
Examination and consultation with specialist physician, assessment planning, treatment prescription, recommendations on prophylaxis290
Follow-up consultation250
ProcedureDuration, minutesPrice, UAH
Initial consultation30250
Follow-up consultation20200
Self-control training for diabetic patients:

1 class

5 classes




1 group class (5 to 6 patients)40300
ProcedureDuration, minutesPrice, UAH
Initial individual counseling30400
Follow-up individual counseling30300
Initial couple counseling60450
Follow-up couple counseling60350
Family psychotherapy session90600
Individual psychotherapy session50500
Group psychotherapy75350
Individual session with a therapist60600
ProcedurePrice, UAH
Examination and consultation with specialist physician, assessment planning, treatment prescription, recommendations on prophylaxis400


Довіра, здобута працею!