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Massage and physical therapy

It has been long known that massage can improve one’s health, normalize muscle tone, improve blood supply, alleviate chronic fatigue and consequences of stress, improve the function of internal organs and tissues. Massage is an effective therapeutic modality. Massage helps for osteochondrosis, scoliosis, bone fractures and luxations, hernias, post-traumatic state. Massage is an effective way of recovery after stroke, spinal injuries, hip fractures. It is also a great way to relax and decrease blood pressure.

Massage therapists at Oculus Medical Center have vast experience in therapeutic, recovery and pediatric massage. Even after the very first massage session you will experience the effect it has on your body: significant alleviation of pain and muscle cramps, improved blood and lymphatic circulation.

The following types of massage are offered at Oculus Medical Center:

  • Therapeutic massage
  • Comprehensive physical therapy
  • General massage
  • Massage for infants
  • Sport massage
  • Cosmetic massage
  • Anti-cellulitis massage
  • Yevminov’s technique on ‘Yevminov’s Prophylactic Device’.

For each patient our therapists will select an individual set of exercises for maximum efficiency, and give advise on home care.

It is advisable and necessary to enjoy the benefit of massage in case of skeletal diseases, joint pain, luxations, central and peripheral nervous system disorders, cardiovascular system disorders, respiratory and digestive tract disorders, skin diseases, etc.

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Савчук Олег Анатолійович
Oleh Savchuk
Massage and physical therapy
Савчук Олег Анатолійович
Oleh Savchuk
- is our massage expert of the first qualification category.

Specialisms: therapeutic massage, classic massage, anti-cellulitis massage, pediatric massage.

Medical background
2003-2007 – Monada Medical College
2007 – Massage Course at Lviv State Physical Culture University.
2008 – Therapeutic massage specialist at Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital.
2010 – Lviv Medical College for Postgraduate Education, specialty training in therapeutic massage.
2013 р.– Lviv Medical College for Postgraduate Education, continued education course in therapeutic massage and medical exercises.

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